Monday, 1 October 2012

Benefits porefessional.

So I'll start by saying I did not buy this from benefits site, but from eBay. It is the old packaging and the eBay seller said the factory didn't want it. (lid is incorrectly made and won't screw on.) Anyway on with the review. I have been using it for around a month and a half so I thought I would let you know how I feel about it :)

I have heard both good and bad about this product, unfortunately I did not like the product, at all. I found that it's too dark..Even though it's suppose to adjust to your skin colour, it didn't with my very pale skin. I also found that it didn't do anything for my pores, which was the biggest disappointment.Yes it did make my skin soft, but it didn't minimize my pores or make my makeup stay on overall I have to say it was a disappointment.
I have tried using it over my foundation too, as I read that it can be good over foundation if it doesn't work under, but I found it just made my face to dark and didn't really do anything. One thing I did like about the product was the texture and the smell of it, and it evens out skin very well and doesn't leave a nasty smell behind..but other than that  I think it's an unnecessary product for me, and I wouldn't repurchase it again.

After trying this primer it has made me realize how good my smashbox photoready SPF 15 primer really is!

Have you tried the benefit porefessional?